5 Psychological Tricks Losing Gamblers Use to Convince Others They’re Really Winning

We know that recurring wins are impossible when it comes to online betting. Risks are part of the routine of online casino gamers and many of them look for some psychological tricks to convince other users about the good results, even when this is not true. They are common defense and self-preservation mechanisms that guarantee our integrity.

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Minimize Negative Experiences

One of the main ways losers portray themselves as big winners is when they take a stance of trying to overlook defeats. They omit the frequent mistakes and bad results and just talk about how much they achieved in matches.

It’s not always a lie, but there’s usually exaggeration and specific references to just your winning hands.

Make Bad Results Unimportant

Wounded pride after successive losses can make even the most experienced casino player try to downplay the outcome. The phrase “that prize wasn’t good enough” seems to be this gambler’s pattern. In this way, he does not recognize his own failure and shows that the problem was the environment, or the bad opponents and even the bad luck of the moment.


Obviously we all like to have the best results. However, some bettors get so frustrated with their losses that they make up any excuse so that others don’t know about the real situation. Lies are frequent and, in many cases, this can reveal more serious problems such as gambling addiction.

Cover up Losses

Imagine that a gambler is no longer able to explain the reasons for recurring losses. He will try to look for the reasons, but he will not clarify everything for his interlocutor to avoid further questions. A common phrase is “That’s too much to explain now, we’ll talk about it later.”

Manipulate the Data

Some players are so eloquent that even when they are blatantly distorting information, they manage to convince anyone that they are always winning at casino slot games . The power of persuasion and manipulation precede the conviction with which they talk about their stories.


Once you know the mechanisms most used by players who face consecutive defeats, you will be able to recognize them when you are facing them. In addition, we can try to find such characteristics in ourselves and change our posture in the face of situations that frustrate us. Remember that casinos are for fun and difficulties should be taken lightly.

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